Digitale Waffenschieber

Gestern über spannende CANAL+ Doku gestolpert. Auf der Website des französischen TV-Senders kann man den Film «Traqué, enquête sur les marchands d’armes numériques» zwar nicht gucken, dafür aber auf dieser konspirativen Website. Muss ich mir bei Gelegenheit mal ansehen. Vorspann tönt jedenfalls schon mal vielversprechend:

1984, George Orwell’s novel is becoming reality. Wherever we are, whatever we say, whatever we do, digital traces are collected and analysed. In the wrong hands, our high technology devices becomes digital handcuffs, revealing our actions. Nowadays, specialised companies are able to steal your passwords, read you emails, archive your facebook conversation, but also transform your mobile phone, even shutdown, into a geolocation device or a spyware.

When it occurs under the control of a responsible government and independent legal system this digital surveillance can be useful. It has already successfully worked in the past to identify, arrest dangerous sexual predator or terrorists. But in a dictatorship, it is becoming a strong weapons against democracy. Dozens of occidental companies specialised in this industry sold surveillance equipment for countries with little concerned of human rights.

Zum Download mit englischen Untertiteln.

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